With solutions focused on quality, safety, compliance, and more; Cloudtheapp is a B2B SaaS No-code platform that provides organizations with the tools to digitize.



Cloudtheapp is a No-Code Multi-Tenant Cloud Platform built with compliance in mind. Whether you are looking to implement compliance software for EQMS, GxP, GRC, EHS, or Business Process Automation; this platform was built to allow creating very sophisticated, and yet extremely simple to use applications, helping vendors, suppliers, and consumers to collaborate and become part of the same compliance network.

Scalable, lightning-fast, and extremely powerful, Cloudtheapp is an intuitive platform that allows users to build any business application in hours without having to write a single line of code.

Cloudtheapp comes with all the features Life Sciences companies have come to expect for compliance, such as audit trail, comment history, electronic signature and more.

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No Code

Creating advanced configuration without any scripting or code is a piece of cake with our rule wizard. It allows you to configure simple or complex rules using a graphical interface. The rules can be set to trigger on opening/moving/saving records. You can setup validation rules, automatic creation of records, inheritance of values across forms/records, automatically move records to the next step. You can optionally apply conditional logic with if/then actions, based on checking the step, field values, whether a field is empty. There are dozens of possible conditions and actions for nearly every need and we are adding more all the time.

Cloud Architecture

Our platform is cloud native. Designed for the cloud from inception to ensure unlimited scalability and optimum performance. We leveraged Amazon AWS, the proven leading cloud infrastructure, to guarantee dependability and peace of mind.

Life Sciences

We have the features Life Science companies need and have come to expect; such as field history (Audit Trail), transaction history tracking, electronic signatures (e-sig), forced authentication (on routing a record or saving it), and much more.

PaaS / SaaS

We are a 100% SaaS company with multitenant architecture. This means your system will be up and ready to use seconds after signup, giving instantaneous time to value. Internet access and a standard browser is all that is needed client-side so there is nothing to install. SaaS reduces your IT costs and headaches. Enjoy frequent updates (both system and app specific) at no additional cost. Signup is subscription based with credit card payment. Your system will be up seconds after signup. Multi-tenant simplifies working with suppliers and other external parties without having to manage the extended security if you were to give them access to your network.

App Store

Our App Store has many apps (both free and paid) ready to deploy with the click of a button, including a full EQMS suite. You decide what to deploy to minimize clutter and avoid confusing your users with modules they don’t use. You can use the module as is, or customize every detail of the design. You can also optionally upload new or modified modules you designed to our store for other companies to use.


Create unlimited isolated stages (dev, qa, prod etc…) to hold your modules within few seconds. For instance you can design the module initially in a dev stage, then test it in a qa stage, and only go to production when ready. Transfering modules from one stage to another is a 5 second process simply by clicking on the app, then selecting which stage to copy it to.

Enterprise Quality Management System

ISO 9001 | ISO 13485

Our EQMS was built by a team of experts that possess over three decades of combined experience. The main goal was to come up with an Enterprise QMS that remedies all pitfalls of other competing systems, and one that allows users to connect with suppliers and consumers, all part of a single network to simplify communication and collaboration. Our EQMS builders allow you to build and automate any business process you have in few hours without
having to write a single line of code.


Download Apps

Deploy free/paid modules (Apps) With the Cloudtheapp App store. You decide which built-in apps to deploy for your team and platform. Apps are deployed with a simple click and are up and running instantly.

Design Apps

With our state of the art highly intuitive graphical interface, you can simply create a new app within seconds or modify the design of the built-in apps. Your modules can be designed by an expert business user instead of a programmer.

Work with External Parties

Connect with external parties such as suppliers directly within the system. Send records to them as part of your workflows. Connected teams like can be encouraged to use the same apps to facilitate cooperation.

Design Processes

Consider each of your business processes and digitize them using our powerful design interface to directly create the corresponding workflows, forms, and fields. Easily link them to related products or reference them in Document control or other modules.

Design Workflows

Easily design each workflow, detailing the interaction required in each step, as well as what person or role must be involved, and what path the record may follow. This will facilitate team collaboration and simplify process training for new employees.

Mobile QR Submission

Feed your processes with data from product/service public consumers, your employees or suppliers. Place QR Code (provided for each record in the system) on things that will allow users to easily feed your process with information (Products, Equipment, Service Locations, etc…) simply by scanning the QR code with their mobile device. They can for instance provided product feedback, suggestions, answer questionnaires, or provide audit results.

Establish Connections

Establish connections with multiple companies using a single account. This makes it easier to track, standardize, document, and report on such communication. It also allows configuring workflow steps where a record may be sent directly to a contact from another company to update and send records back to them seamlessly.

Information and Requests

Receive information and respond to requests using a streamlined process (example Corrective Action). This is more efficient than email and facilitates B2B communication. It also allows design control over who interacts with whom at each stage, ensuring consistency and compliance with established procedures.


Our advanced analytics solution allows decision makers to easily visualize data and have better insight for everyday decisions. Create graphs and visualizations, organize them in dashboards, and share them.


Built for life-changing industries

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