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Welcome to Cloudtheapp’s Laboratory Management System (LMS) Solution, where we transform laboratory operations for the modern business landscape. At Cloudtheapp, we understand the pivotal role of effective laboratory management.

Our LMS Solution is characterized by its adaptability and real-time insights. We provide the flexibility necessary to tailor our solution precisely to your laboratory’s unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimization.

Explore our comprehensive Laboratory Management System, featuring a suite of specialized applications designed to streamline laboratory operations. Join us in enhancing precision, compliance, and efficiency, empowering your laboratory to excel in today’s dynamic business environment.

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LMS Applications

Batch Records

Batch production is an approach to manufacturing where the products are made as specified groups or amounts, within a certain time frame.Batch production is used in many types of manufacturing that may need smaller amounts of production at a time to ensure specific quality standards. Batches are…

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Calibration and Maintenance

Calibration and maintenance are essential aspects of any Quality Management System, ensuring the quality and consistency of the products you deliver. In the highly competitive landscape of today’s business world, quality assurance is paramount. With quality at the heart of your operations, you…

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Chemical Management

Welcome to Cloudtheapp’s Chemical Management Module, a cornerstone of our comprehensive EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) solution. In this page, we will explore the core features of our Chemical Management Module, shedding light on how it transforms the way businesses handle chemicals, ensuring…

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A centralized module to host all your documents and through their different phases with revision control. Use this module to control different types of documents including policies, procedures, work instructions and much more. Seamless revision control and approval systems to help you with releasing…

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Quality Management, the meticulous oversight of manufacturing equipment is nothing short of pivotal. In the age of Industry 4.0, where advanced machinery, robots, and cutting-edge technologies orchestrate the manufacturing process from start to finish, the…

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Lab Testing

Quality Control Laboratory Testing serves an important function in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food Production, and many other industries. Whether used to test Chemicals and Materials to confirm compliance with specifications, or to test finished product samples; a Lab Test module can be used to…

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In today’s business world, learning is an essential component. Use this application to upload your course templates and provide your employees with the education they require, whether it’s Instructor-Led or Self-Learning courses. Easily track the completion of learning tasks for your employees to…

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Out of Specification

Whether you are testing samples of product-released batches or materials/ingredients, there could be cases where the test result is not in-line with the expected result. These cases require performing an investigation to drill down on the root cause(s) and decide about the disposition of the…

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Organizations usually have a set of processes that define how they achieve end results and goals. Use this module to list and capture information about the main processes within your organization and link these process records to related documentation in the Documents modules (SOPs, Work Instructions…

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Risk Assessments

Risk based thinking is crucial for everyday business decisions. It ensures being proactive instead of reactive when decisions are made. Risk based approach must be followed in managing quality to ensure effectiveness of your Quality Management System. It ensures negative risks as well as positive…

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Suppliers and Materials

Suppliers are entities that provide their products or services to your entity. Supplier Quality Management is an essential part of the overall quality management as the materials they provide could impact the quality of your entity’s products and services. It is important to establish and furnish…

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Tasks is a centralized module that can be integrated automatically with any other module in the system to allow launching tasks and assign different individuals to process them in parallel. For example, in the Change Management module, you could define an action plan by creating tasks of type action…

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