Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Cloudtheapp 2022 ∫ntegral Update

Cloudtheapp Inc. “A provider of Quality Management & Regulatory Compliance Software Solutions” is pleased to announce the release of 2022 ∫ntegral platform update to all production systems, allowing all customers to instantly enjoy the newly delivered features.

As part of this release, our No-Code “Fully Validated” Cloud Platform is now updated with additional phenomenal new system capabilities that make building modules that are fully integrated with other systems in the enterprise landscape a differentiated experience.

Our valued customers with production workloads as well as potential clients who are currently evaluating our platform can now enjoy many newly rolled out features, such as a brand-new Cloudtheapp Integrations Builder, Single Sign On (SSO), User Management Features, updated rules designer, usability improvements, performance boosters, and the list goes on.

“At Cloudtheapp we are pleased to have all production systems updated to 2022 ∫ntegral, which was a seamless 2-hour automated process that allowed our customers to enjoy newly available features without any impact on their highly configured modules”, said Said Nobani, CEO of Cloudtheapp. “We are proud of our customers and the way they innovate with building and configuring using Cloudtheapp, and we consider our proven seamless update model an unmatched key element in their implementation success recipe”.

“We are committed to ensuring our customers unlock infinite possibilities with every update we release to production systems. The new Cloudtheapp Integrations Builder is just an example of that”, said Wael Zebdeh, CTO of Cloudtheapp. “We are excited to see how our customers would innovate by building API-based integration scenarios with other systems like ERPs within the enterprise landscape. The way how Cloudtheapp Integrations dynamically adjust messaging according to how the module is built or configured is just amazing, and goes in line with our strategy of extreme no-code configurability”.

With our 2022 ∫ntegral update, Cloudtheapp is your unmatched seamlessly-integrated cloud platform for everything Quality, Safety, Compliance, and beyond. Try Cloudtheapp by signing up (No Credit Card required), or see the magic in action, by requesting your demo today.

About Cloudtheapp

Cloudtheapp is a No-Code Cloud Platform built for the compliance world. Our vision is to provide you with the most configurable easy to use Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance SaaS software on the market. Start with our ready-made applications, use them as is, or configure every aspect of their design, but don’t stop there; using our Validated Compliance” No-Code” platform we want you to automate every other internal process you have, build an application for it, without writing a single line of code or script, and without any additional installs or infrastructure, then see the magic of how ALL applications would integrate to complete your compliance story.

Cloudtheapp has been founded by experienced professionals who have a proven track record in building successful global software. Three decades of industry experience helped us create the most sophisticated compliance & digital transformation tool to bring solutions that address real challenges for the compliance industry.

Our solutions allow you to reach out to suppliers, auditors, consumers, or any other external party, assign them records, get their feedback, and collaborate without the hassle of separate disintegrated solutions and tedious back and forth emails.

Cloudtheapp is light to operate and administer so that your staff can focus on building your quality products.

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