About Us

Cloudtheapp is a No-Code Cloud Platform built for the compliance world. Our vision is to provide you with the most configurable easy to use Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance SaaS software on the market. Start with our ready-made applications, use them as is, or configure every aspect of their design, but don’t stop there; using our Validated Compliance ” No-Code” platform we want you to automate every other internal process you have, build an application for it, without writing a single line of code or script, and without any additional installs or infrastructure, then see the magic of how ALL applications would integrate with each other to complete your compliance story.

Cloudtheapp has been founded by experienced professionals who have a proven track record in building successful global software. Three decades of industry experience helped us create the most sophisticated compliance & digital transformation tool to bring solutions that address real challenges for the compliance industry.

Our solutions allow you to reach out to suppliers, auditors, consumers, or any other external party, assign them records, get their feedback, collaborate without the hassle of separate disintegrated solutions and tedious back and forth emails.

Cloudtheapp is light to operate and administer so that your staff can focus on building your quality products.

Request a demo and signup for a free trial to see how Cloudtheapp can help your business.

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Your Quality Management System Should Be on the Cloud, Here’s Why!

Are you in the process of reviewing your customer and regulatory requirements? Is your legacy QMS system causing you headaches and requires more and more people to maintain and tweak? Are you unable to perform tasks remotely without breaking access and security policies? Any of these can cause a long and drawn-out process as you try to ensure that all the checks and balances are there and that the job gets done.

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Why it is time for every company to think of Digital Transformation NOW!

The world’s digitalization has made every business sector utilize digital technologies to not only survive but transform the way business is conducted. Technology is not a choice anymore. The majority of alerted companies’ workplaces today are equipped with the latest transforming technologies that are increasing productivity, changing customer interaction approaches, and encouraging decision-makers to make data-driven decisions.

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We are NOT done with Remote Audits!

Audits whether internal or external, for certification bodies or regulatory, for suppliers, vendors, customers, and others, will still be needed as an effective way to catch weaknesses, identify strengths, fix problems, assess or examine products & processes, and inject improvements. An auditing system that allows conducting things remotely, collecting objective evidence, and communicating feedback in a collaborative way is a must to ensure that audits will remain effective despite the virus situation.

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