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Cloudtheapp is a No-Code Multi-Tenant Cloud Platform built with compliance in mind. Our vision is to make the development of web applications a simple task that can be done by none technical business people with very high standards using the latest available cloud technologies.
Cloudtheapp has been founded by experienced entrepreneurs who have a proven track record in building successful global companies, their goal was mainly to introduce true
software solutions for the compliance industry technical and operation challenges and to bring a whole new experience to organizations and their business networks, a high productivity application PaaS with built-in collaboration means that allow the entire business network to collaborate on the same platform without any external tools or software installs.
We want to make developing business applications and automating business processes a faster, smarter, and simpler process for all businesses. With Cloudtheapp hPaPaaS, businesses can build very sophisticated and highly configurable applications in hours and without any coding. Our zero coding/zero scripting hPaPaaS makes digitizing a reality.
Cloudtheapp’s hPaPaaS is so light to operate and administer without having to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to automate a business process or launch a web
application nor hire an army of employees from developers to administrators to other IT staff to be able to develop and deploy a web application, leaving you with state of the art
applications and huge savings.
Web development has undergone significant change over the years and with today’s cloud capabilities, it no longer makes sense to have in house manual processes or costly
developed software that is expensive to create and even a lot more expensive to maintain. Signup for a free trial and see how Cloudtheapp’s hPaPaaS can help your business.

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SCAR Problems

This phone call, is just an example on the unlimited number of problems that could happen in the SCAR Process (Supplier Corrective Action Request) when it is managed using QMS silos and scattered systems.

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No business expected or could have adequately prepared for the current Covid-19 pandemic. The scale of the crisis is unprecedented in modern times. Even so, some business were still better able to handle the crisis.

More often than not this is because they had enumerated possible risks to their business, and created a high preparedness plan…

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