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The Journey from Paper-based to Digital QMS, Monsters Identification Guide

The journey from paper-based to a digital QMS could be challenging and full of monsters, regardless of where you are in that journey, being able to identify these monsters will help you arrive to the wanted destination. Focusing on Small and Medium businesses, in this article I will shed some light on journey stages that you will go through, trying to indirectly describe the shape and color of each monster you will face, or have already faced, depending on where you are in your Journey.

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Your Quality Management System Should Be on the Cloud, Here’s Why!

Are you in the process of reviewing your customer and regulatory requirements? Is your legacy QMS system causing you headaches and requires more and more people to maintain and tweak? Are you unable to perform tasks remotely without breaking access and security policies? Any of these can cause a long and drawn-out process as you try to ensure that all the checks and balances are there and that the job gets done.

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