Unlimited Apps

Build as many applications as you need, unlike other platforms that limit the number of applications or forms you can create.

Zero Code

No Code means literally No Code, enabling Process Owners and Citizen Developers to innovate and build the applications their departments/organization desire.

Easy to Use

A very simple to use platform along with graphical interface builders that increase efficiency and speed.


An extremely reasonably priced compliance platform and solutions that don’t jeopardize budgets and cause management delays. A platform that enables your organization to enter the digital transformation era and extend on the out of the box modules to other internal processes so that you have everything automated and fully integrated with each other.

Increased Efficiency

Our High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) is the most rapid application development platform on the market. No Code Compliance Platform that is based on a SaaS model without having to worry about IT infrastructure or install any software on your end.

Digital Transformation
across the whole organization requires the proper tool and key factors for success


Making information accessible across the organization


Relying on self-serve technology that was implemented for internal employees as well as external partners and suppliers.


Making collaboration possible for all people engaged at all levels. These are the types of features that set Cloudtheapp apart from all other platforms, not only is it robust, simple to use, but also has built in collaboration means to provide a complete solution to your digital transformation endeavor.

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Hazard Horizons: Introducing Cloudtheapp’s Hazard Analysis Module

The Hazard Analysis Module is designed to empower organizations by providing a systematic and efficient approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating hazards across various aspects of their operations. Whether it’s analyzing hazards related to specific job functions, processes, chemical handling, or storage, this module offers a comprehensive solution.

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