Unlimited Apps

Build as many applications as you need, unlike other platforms that limit the number of applications or forms you can create.

Zero Code

No Code means literally No Code, enabling Process Owners and Citizen Developers to innovate and build the applications their departments/organization desire.

Easy to Use

A very simple to use platform along with graphical interface builders that increase efficiency and speed.


An extremely reasonably priced compliance platform and solutions that don’t jeopardize budgets and cause management delays. A platform that enables your organization to enter the digital transformation era and extend on the out of the box modules to other internal processes so that you have everything automated and fully integrated with each other.

Increased Efficiency

Our High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) is the most rapid application development platform on the market. No Code Compliance Platform that is based on a SaaS model without having to worry about IT infrastructure or install any software on your end.

Digital Transformation
across the whole organization requires the proper tool and key factors for success


Making information accessible across the organization


Relying on self-serve technology that was implemented for internal employees as well as external partners and suppliers.


Making collaboration possible for all people engaged at all levels. These are the types of features that set Cloudtheapp apart from all other platforms, not only is it robust, simple to use, but also has built in collaboration means to provide a complete solution to your digital transformation endeavor.

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Your Quality Management System Should Be on the Cloud, Here’s Why!

Are you in the process of reviewing your customer and regulatory requirements? Is your legacy QMS system causing you headaches and requires more and more people to maintain and tweak? Are you unable to perform tasks remotely without breaking access and security policies? Any of these can cause a long and drawn-out process as you try to ensure that all the checks and balances are there and that the job gets done.

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Why it is time for every company to think of Digital Transformation NOW!

The world’s digitalization has made every business sector utilize digital technologies to not only survive but transform the way business is conducted. Technology is not a choice anymore. The majority of alerted companies’ workplaces today are equipped with the latest transforming technologies that are increasing productivity, changing customer interaction approaches, and encouraging decision-makers to make data-driven decisions.

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We are NOT done with Remote Audits!

Audits whether internal or external, for certification bodies or regulatory, for suppliers, vendors, customers, and others, will still be needed as an effective way to catch weaknesses, identify strengths, fix problems, assess or examine products & processes, and inject improvements. An auditing system that allows conducting things remotely, collecting objective evidence, and communicating feedback in a collaborative way is a must to ensure that audits will remain effective despite the virus situation.

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