Quality Management System

ISO 9001 | ISO 13485

Our EQMS was built by a team of experts that possess over three decades of industry experience. The main goal was to come up with an Enterprise QMS and Compliance Solutions that remedy all pitfalls of other competing systems. We made collaborating with suppliers, auditors, consumers, or any other external party possible and instant, unlike other systems where you have to have additional disintegrated systems installed or use tedious back and forth emails. Our EQMS builders allow you extend usage of the ready-made applications to build and automate all of your other processes and have them all integrate with each other in hours and without having to write a single line of code.

Whether you are in Life sciences, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Pharma, or Manufacturing and whether you are looking to comply with a standard such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 22001 or a regulatory body or government such as the FDA 21CFR part 820 or cGMP, our EQMS is set to allow you to comply and excel. Create three environment stages (Dev. QA. And Prod) or more (as many as your process may require) and then promote configurations across all stages with a click of a button in less than 5 seconds. Cloudtheapp is the only solution on the market that allows configurations to be transferred across environment stages with a click of a button and without any additional infrastructure or cost to you.

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