Cloudtheapp Announces Revolutionary Cloud “No Code” Platform

Cloudtheapp Inc. announced today its namesake “Cloudtheapp” platform for compliance and digital transformation. The world’s only life sciences ready cloud based “No-Code” platform empowering non-technical business people to create an infinite variety of systems to digitize their unique business needs, maximizing efficiency.

Cloudtheapp’s “No Code” high productivity application PaaS makes it possible for business people to build applications and automate their business processes without the need for any developers and with Zero Code and Zero scripting. Users can build the most sophisticated applications with very advanced capabilities. They can also create advanced configurations with our rule wizard allowing them to configure simple or complex rules using a graphical interface and build any application in a matter of hours.

Our Multi-tenant architecture simplifies working with suppliers and other external parties within the same network. Collaborating with suppliers and even consumers has never been easy, Cloudtheapp’s hPaPaaS makes it all possible within the same platform. Users can establish connections and exchange records with multiple companies using a single account. This makes it easier to track, standardize, document, and report on such communication.

We are a 100% SaaS company with multi-tenant architecture. This means the software will be up and ready to use seconds after signup. SaaS reduces your IT costs and headaches. It allows the software to be updated frequently, quickly, and at no additional cost.

Cloudtheapp platform is designed for the cloud from inception to ensure unlimited scalability and optimum performance. We leveraged Amazon AWS, the proven leading cloud infrastructure, to guarantee dependability and your peace of mind.

Design your applications or download one of our apps from cloudtheapp’s store and experience the simplicity of building software applications in less than two hours.

Visit us at to find out how Cloudtheapp can help your business.

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