Why it is time for every company to think of Digital Transformation NOW!

The world’s digitalization has made every business sector utilize digital technologies to not only survive but transform the way business is conducted. Technology is not a choice anymore. The majority of alerted companies’ workplaces today are equipped with the latest transforming technologies that are increasing productivity, changing customer interaction approaches, and encouraging decision-makers to make data-driven decisions. The future is technology and customers would prefer those companies that have more solid digital infrastructure and presence. 

Five Persuasive Reasons for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has gained so much heap today, but is it obligatory for every company to think of digital transformation?, to answer this, the following are five key reasons that showcase how digital transformation takes the company’s performance to a whole new level.

1. More Productive Workforce and Infrastructure

Employers today are looking for new tactics to increase the productivity of their employees. With today’s digital technologies, many manual activities can be made automated. For example, the employees in the quality and compliance department are involved in many manual tasks, such as document management, time-consuming quality inspections, complaints management, etc. With digital transformation, automated and better-performing systems can be placed, where quality inspections, complaints management, and other processes are executed digitally and efficiently. Similarly, remote working and on-demand access to technology and other resources can also increment the productivity of employees, so SaaS products make a lot of sense to improve productivity.

2. Enhanced Security

Every year, dozens of companies are badly hit by cyber-attacks. As data holds tremendous value for companies today, they need comprehensive measures to not just collect a tremendous amount of data but also protect it from any calamity. This requires analysis of security threats, identification of system loopholes for data breaches, and implementation of security strategies across all applications, networks, and IT infrastructures. With digital transformation, companies can implement more security-driven tools and collaborate with technology partners to achieve the desired security goals. 

3. Better Customer Service

Customers have a lot of expectations and demands from software vendors today, whether it’s in terms of service quality, performance, or other elements. All such scenarios are demanding companies to have agile hybrid IT services, along with considering user experience a crucial element in business decisions. Digital transformation helps companies to transform all of their activities, quality measures, and other services to be customer-oriented. 

4. Analytics-Based Decisions

Today, companies have access to an immense amount of digital data. One of the elements that determine a company’s growth is how effectively they analyze data they collect and make decisions accordingly. Digital transformation drives companies to conduct analytics-based decisions by utilizing the true potential of big data. When a company has the right analytical tools, the immense data can be turned into valuable business insights.

5. Partnerships

In this digital era, the competition among companies has gone wild. That’s why companies are required to complement their offerings to deliver a diverse range of products and services to customers. Combining experience with innovative tools will lead to true solutions for challenges that exist today that are preventing many from advancing quicker towards digitalization. In the case of compliance, for example, some prefer ready made out of the box solutions, others prefer configurable, collaborative, easy to use and maintain tools, combing the two in to one system makes it an absolute no brainer for anyone to adapt and implement.

All the above reasons showcase how vital digital transformation has become for companies. But the big question is, how a company can conduct digital transformation smoothly and quickly?. This is where Cloudtheapp comes into action. Cloudtheapp is a provider of the no-code digital transformation cloud platform, allowing companies to build unlimited applications and automate any business process with literally no code, along with an easy to use graphical interface builders. As a No Code Compliance Platform based on a SaaS model, we aim to let companies enter the digital transformation era by using our ready made solutions that were built based on over three decades of experience, and also automate or reconfigure all other internal processes, then have them all integrated as one collaborative easy to use system. Cloudtheapp makes this all achievable without letting companies worry about IT infrastructure or any software installation at their end.

Let me know what you think on the LinkedIn article and possibly tell me more about what is stopping or delaying you from digitally transforming. 

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