Inside Cloudtheapp – All that glitters is not No-Code

In his play The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare wrote:

All that glisters is not gold. Often have you heard that told.

Cloudtheapp is a no-code platform. No-Code implementations vary. The following will explain our understanding of the concept, why no-code is the way to go, and dispel common no-code myths.

At its most basic, no-code allows business users to design applications without the use of traditional programming/scripting languages.

Coded and scripted modules require keeping an army of developers on call to create, update, fix, and maintain countless code snippets, of ever-growing complexity and questionable reliability.

Aside from the costs involved to hire skilled developers, as each new team takes over, they will struggle to understand the existing code before being able to update it. Moreover, there will always be a gap in the developer’s understanding of the business processes.

That translates to a very slow development and release process, not to mention decreased productivity as business users spend more time explaining the processes to technical teams.

The advantages of no-code are:

  1. Reduced hiring requirements, as no developers are needed.
  2. Increased reliability, and simpler training: No-code tools are easier to test and validate. They will produce more standardized consistent configurations and reduce bugs. This also allows for improved security and increased performance as it avoids the risk of untested code creating unexpected performance and security issues.
  3. Faster release times: As the process is designed by the business user who understands it best. They will spend less time explaining the process and do it right the first time. This will reduce productivity loss and decrease costs with faster releases that can be implemented in hours and live within a few days instead of several months.
  4. Standardization reduces the likelihood of surprises during system upgrades, or on automated transfer of configuration across systems.

This is How We Do It

Some people think no-code means inability to design large and complex applications. That depends on the design of the platform. Cloudtheapp comes with highly configurable intuitive graphical interfaces to design forms, workflows, sections, and views.

Design Forms without Coding
Design Workflows without Coding

This is flanked by our extensive and ever-growing list of builders and rule wizards, which allow for complex configurations.

Build Sophisticated Business Logic Without Coding


No-code does not refer to configuring a system without having to code, but rather to the ability to realize new apps with complex business logic, without coding.

Digitize your processes in mere hours and without developers. Unleash the power of no-code and signup to Cloudtheapp today.

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