The Benefits of SaaS Quality Management Software

When it comes to meeting the needs of the customers and ensuring that the activities carried out by an organization meet widely accepted standards, Quality Management System (QMS) plays a huge impact. However, high costs of licensing, hiring developers and IT professionals make it expensive and sometimes unaffordable, even though it is extremely efficient. 

By facilitating a cloud based QMS, Software as a service (SaaS) ensures that the efficiency remains the same (or gets better) and IT professionals focus would shift to other important needed tasks. 

When SaaS is integrated into QMS, the benefits are huge. In this article, we will be going through advantages of this integration, including an easy to use platform that requires no coding and no scripting ever. Hence businesses and organizations can carry out all QMS tasks and other in-house processes without pounding on busy IT professionals. 

Benefits of SaaS Quality Management Software

1. Increased Productivity

QMS deployed as SaaS requires no special skills, as a result, an employee can handle several parts of a process, spend time on ensuring product quality and not on figuring out how to make software tools serve the need. The channel of information becomes shorter, ergo efficiency is increased and less time is consumed at all levels. 

2. Easy Expansion and Upgrade

As your business grows, certain features may be needed to effectively satisfy the customer requirements and including additional departments and processes becomes a pressing need. What would have been a massive deployment of resources and manpower becomes just a task to expand to other areas in a plan, if of course, the right SaaS platform was selected to start with. The time needed for expansion becomes shorter than normal making expansion a much easier task and extending usage to other areas the right strategy to implement. Upgrading the software, on the other hand, must be a seamless process whereby you get the latest and greatest updates to your software instantaneously, No ques for months of waiting, No custom code, and certainly at No additional costs.

3. Cost-Effective

You should not be paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront for using any software and worst yet continue paying TS & Maintenance as long as you are using the software, those TS & Maintenance fees alone should be enough to cover your SaaS QMS system without the upfront costs, this way if the software is not delivering what it promised to deliver then the choice of switching is immediate.

Small businesses and organizations can use SaaS based QMS and only license the number of users they need regardless of what that number is even if it is a couple of users; bigger organizations benefit from huge cost reductions, pay as you go, grow when you need, number of users increases as your business grows and NO paying of upfront licenses. 

4. Time to value

True SaaS is available instantaneously, you must be aware of all vendors that try to pitch as SaaS providers when in fact, the only thing they have done is price the software as SaaS. If the software is not available in seconds from signup, billing is not instant and self-serve, then you are probably dealing with a vendor that has a legacy technology that tampered with packaging to ride the wave. 

5. Infrastructure

If you are responsible or charged for Infrastructure, servers, updating cloud servers, ensuring their security, then your vendor is not a True SaaS provider, so be extra careful in asking the right questions and preferably ask the vendor to show you how things would be if you were to buy from them. 

SaaS is the most in-demand deployment for software needed for businesses and organizations and it must tick the boxes of flexibility, reduced cost, time to value, infrastructure, uniformity, optimization, and speed required for the use of QMS.

Make Your Business Efficient with a SaaS QMS Software

The benefits that have been stated above show that not only is the efficiency of the business process increased, but that it is increased at lesser costs. To enjoy these opportunities, ensure that you select a QMS that is built on a platform that can live up to your existing as well as future needs. 

Cloudtheapp SaaS QMS was built after more than 23 years of usage experience and comparisons to bring true solutions that address real challenges users face from old legacy systems built using old technologies that are difficult to use, impossible to maintain, and worse yet, can’t scale to meet existing and future needs and demands. 

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