No business expected or could have adequately prepared for the current Covid-19 pandemic. The scale of the crisis is unprecedented in modern times. Even so, some businesses were still better able to handle the crisis.

More often than not this is because they had enumerated possible risks to their business, and created a high preparedness plan to prevent risks where possible, and otherwise mitigate and contain them. 

Such a plan would have prompted to have existing processes in place for things like financial reserves, work from home, online shopping, seamless product delivery to consumers, a social distancing friendly work environment, continuity of supplies, and much more.

Cloudtheapp is proud to introduce its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution to help you secure your business from such possibilities.

Our Enterprise Risk management (ERM) is a solution that can be used to register, and track risks within an organization:

  • Identify risks and opportunities, and categorize them.
  • Assess risks based on priority and severity and document their impact, and risk analysis.
  • Create a response plan with an action to mitigate, transfer, avoid, remove, accept, enhance or retain risks.
  • Reassess risks after executing response plans.
  • Monitor risks closely and further execute your plans upon a risk trigger.


With our Enterprise Risk Management, you can seamlessly Integrate with Compliance Requirements to avoid compliance risks with Standards, Regulations and Guidelines. You can also extend your risk plans with a complete Change Management cycle, and use Audits to continually enhance your Risk Handling approach.

All your risks managed in one place, regardless of whether they are Strategic, Operational, Financial, Compliance or Hazardous risks. You have all you need to manage them appropriately. Eliminate your concerns regarding what you should be doing if anything goes wrong related to your business, and start to put actionable plans in place that address all kinds of risks, using a systematic, organized, centralized, and intelligent approach.

With the ERM module at the heart of our Enterprise Risk Management System, our solution is powered by many Apps and Processes that implement Quality and industry best practices, including but not limited to:

– Enterprise Risk Management
– Risk Assessments

Implemented on top of Cloudtheapp’s revolutionary cloud platform, you can configure every detail of your risk management solution without coding or scripting, and even extend it by adding your own processes and business applications. You can land your suppliers on the same platform to implement the best Enterprise Risk Management solution across the supply chain that feeds your end product. Keep your suppliers aligned with your risk response plans and assign them tasks for a holistic and complete preparedness. Use built-in analytics to monitor your risk management program and maximize what you can do with our platform.


Cloudtheapp's Enterprise Risk Management Application and how it integrates with other compliance processes for end-to-end handling.
On deploying the risk assessments module, configure probability and severity levels as needed. Then for each risk being assessed the system will automatically calculate the related risk. The user will then be able to perform the impact and risk analysis and attach any related documents or images as evidence.

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