Inside Cloudtheapp – Connected Teams

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.
― William James

Cloudtheapp allows you to easily connect with other teams on the platform. These would usually be teams created by other companies you work with such as suppliers. They can also be other teams or departments within your company.

Once connected with a team, you will be able to send records to them asking questions, requesting comments, and include relevant attachments. Perhaps you would like them to address a complaint, a CAPA, or a billing issue.

Those connected teams may in turn update the records sent to them with the relevant details, then send them directly back to your team. This allows for easy, secure, and seamless communication across teams all within the same system. The communication is also retained for future reference, audits or inspections, right within the relevant records and documents.

The teams you connect to may be making full use of Cloudtheapp as their own QMS and digitization platform. Alternately teams such as suppliers may only register for the free starter plan to allow them to easily process your records and answer your requests. Suppliers (or external parties) will be able to complete this registration in seconds, and it can be done from the standard browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) on any OS or device. In contrast to other so called “supplier portal” systems, there is no complex security or networking configuration, no software to install, no hardware to provision. Therefore no added cost for your suppliers to pass on to you.

This is also a game-changer for suppliers (or external parties) since it allows them to process requests from any client on the same platform instead of having to maintain multiple systems for these interactions.

The way this works is you invite the team you want to connect to as shown in the screen below, once they accept the request you will be able to start sending them records.

Additionally workflow steps can be configured to allow sending records to connected teams with a single click. This will add a drop-down on the send record screen to select the team you want to send the record to.

The connected team feature offers simple effective collaboration across teams, companies, and with suppliers. Say goodbye to all the communication you used to do with external parties using e-mail and signup to Cloudtheapp today.

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