Announcing 2021 Release Platform Update

Cloudtheapp Inc. “A provider of Quality Management & Regulatory Compliance Software Solutions” is pleased to announce the release of 2021 platform update to all production systems, allowing customers to enjoy the unmatched newly delivered features as soon as they return from their end of year holidays.

As part of this 2021 update, our No-Code “Fully Validated” Platform is now powered with additional technologies that allow for unlimited scalability, and the newly released No-Code heart has been extended with many new rules that customers can reuse to implement even more complex business logic in their modules with a few clicks and without having to develop any code or script.

Our valued customers with production workloads as well as potential clients who are currently evaluating our platform can now enjoy many newly rolled out features, such as: Improved user interface and usability, PDF Reporting & Conversion Engine, Additional Personalization and Reminders, Branded Interaction Pages for Public product Consumers, Integration with 3rd Party systems like Google Analytics, and the list goes on.

“Businesses have been desperately waiting for a long time to see the recent technological boom reflected on their Quality and Compliance solutions and platforms. At Cloudtheapp we executed and delivered on our vision of bringing the latest and greatest technologies and put it in the hands of Quality and Compliance professionals to innovate implementations for their world changing industries”, said Said Nobani, CEO of Cloudtheapp. “Not only can customers use our ready-made solutions, but they can also configure their every aspect using our No-Code designers to innovate, their way. We’ve seen customers transitioning their manual and scattered electronic system to our unified compliance platform easily and smoothly, and with the power of being able to configure the way they like. Digitalization for them is a smooth journey, as they can build to match currently established processes and SOPs not the other way around.”

“Our fully validated Push Button 2021 update allows customers to enjoy new features at ease, despite having highly configured implementations with modules built by them from scratch. We value our customers, and we do not drag them into unnecessary projects to fix ruined configurations after every update. This smooth update process was only possible with our well architected platform in which features, and configuration engines are completely separate”, said Wael Zebdeh, CTO Cloudtheapp. “Release date to us means all production systems are updated and running, and value is already delivered to customers. We never release something that customers must request or wait 6-12 months to get waiting in ridiculous upgrade queues only to end up with a mess and broken configurations”.

With our 2021 update, Cloudtheapp sets new standards for Quality, Safety, Compliance platforms. Scattered solutions invented back in the 80’s and 90’s; such legacy systems will have a hard time coping with these new standards. Regardless of whether you have a manual process or one of these problematic electronic solutions, you can try Cloudtheapp today by signing up (No Credit Card required), or you can request your demo today, to see some of the magic.

About Cloudtheapp

Cloudtheapp is a No-Code Cloud Platform built for the compliance world. Our vision is to provide you with the most configurable easy to use Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance SaaS software on the market. Start with our ready-made applications, use them as is, or configure every aspect of their design, but don’t stop there; using our Validated Compliance” No-Code” platform we want you to automate every other internal process you have, build an application for it, without writing a single line of code or script, and without any additional installs or infrastructure, then see the magic of how ALL applications would integrate with each other to complete your compliance story.

Cloudtheapp has been founded by experienced professionals who have a proven track record in building successful global software. Three decades of industry experience helped us create the most sophisticated compliance & digital transformation tool to bring solutions that address real challenges for the compliance industry.

Our solutions allow you to reach out to suppliers, auditors, consumers, or any other external party, assign them records, get their feedback, collaborate without the hassle of separate disintegrated solutions and tedious back and forth emails.

Cloudtheapp is light to operate and administer so that your staff can focus on building your quality products.

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