Inside Cloudtheapp – Cloudtheapp Obliterates QMS Silos that Disregard Consumer Feedback

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.
Ernest Hemingway

Quality issues are not isolated to one part of your process, department, or location. So why would your QMS? While your auditors, quality team and managers may be the primary system users, input is required end-to-end; not only from employees across the company, but also suppliers. Most critically however, feedback is required from your customers and the end consumer of your product or service. Getting this feedback is not only recommended but is a primary principal of most quality management standards.

Consumer input is crucial to ensure:
1. Enhancing quality and protecting your brand reputation, by eliminating issues they report.
2. Evolving products and services in the direction that would satisfy them.
3. Promoting consumer loyalty and repeat-business.

Many QMS use a siloed approach by:
1. Not providing any means for consumers to interact with the QMS at all.
2. or by Collecting data from consumers in a separate system. This is just as bad since many companies will not have the bandwidth to integrate the two systems or end up doing it manually.

Consumers are unlikely to provide input if the mechanism is cumbersome. In today’s busy world the time needed to provide the feedback should be measured in seconds not minutes.

Cloudtheapp changed the equation by supporting seamless interaction with consumers using its QR code submission feature. A QR code is a type of barcode that triggers an action when scanned. Every process (workflow) within cloudtheapp comes with its own QR Code. You can for example configure a complaints workflow that allows consumers to feed it with information.

Every workflow has an associated QR Code

This code can be printed on the product itself (example a medicine bottle, a soda can, or engine casing) or at service locations such as a bus stop, a restaurant, or a gas station.

Put the QR code right on your product or packaging

When scanned with an ordinary mobile phone camera app, the phone browser opens and allows the consumer to submit a new complaint directly into the QMS without having to authenticate.

The end consumer scans the QR Code
They can submit a complaint within seconds


To achieve continued success, organizations must continuously improve, by listening to their customers, and considering their current satisfaction and future needs.

Streamline feedback, show your consumers you care, and signup to Cloudtheapp today.

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