Unlock the Gate of Digitally Possible with Cloudtheapp Out-of-Specification (OOS) Module

Cloudtheapp Inc. “A provider of Configurable Quality Management & Regulatory Compliance Software Solutions” is pleased to announce the release of our Out-of-Specification Module, allowing businesses to digitalize this important quality control process.

With general availability in Cloudtheapp Store, our valued customers can download the module free of charge and with a click of a button. The module seamlessly integrates with the Lab Testing module and all other modules in the EQMS solution. 

“Organizations in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Bioscience, and other industries can benefit from the newly released module. Being able to perform OOS investigations in a way that is fully digitalized and integrated with EQMS is pivotal”, said Wael Zebdeh, CTO of Cloudtheapp. “With the release of our new Out-of-Specification module, organizations can be in an enviable position of control to manage quality holistically. Lab Testing and other QC activities can now be extended with digitally recording and investigating OOS cases to finally conclude the final decision about a produced batch or a received ingredient.”

With Cloudtheapp, OOS Investigations will not be disintegrated from your QMS anymore. We help our customers unlock the gate of digitally possible with the release of the new module! The OOS investigation process has never been easier. Quality Control professionals can initiate OOS records entering all relevant information including process steps, test parameters, specifications, results, and much more. OOS can be linked to all other relevant records in EQMS like Product, Batch, Lot, Test Methods, Deviations, and Corrective Actions. The risk-based approach can be followed as part of carrying out an investigation that would lead to the final disposition decision. “Trust a platform that eliminates the chaos” is our message to all organizations seeking a better digital handle on this full-bodied process! With Cloudtheapp, QC professionals in charge of OOS activities will not feel like skydivers without parachutes anymore.

OOS activities that are carried out frequently would result in valuable data, and with the power of Cloudtheapp’s integrated real-time analytics, organizations have the chance to drill down on this data visually to recognize trends and patterns and make important decisions that enhance the quality and strengthen the product’s brand. Furthermore, with the power of Cloudtheapp Platform, businesses can tailor the design of the OOS module and other integrated solutions to fit their exact needs without having to write code or deal with unknown technologies.

Enjoy hovering in our airspace, your jet has no reason to fear turbulence.

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About Cloudtheapp

Cloudtheapp is a No-Code Cloud Platform built for the compliance world. Our vision is to provide you with the most configurable easy-to-use Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance SaaS software on the market. Start with our ready-made applications, use them as is, or configure every aspect of their design, but don’t stop there; using our Validated Compliance” No-Code” platform we want you to automate every other internal process you have, build an application for it, without writing a single line of code or script, and without any additional installs or infrastructure, then see the magic of how ALL applications would integrate to complete your compliance story.

Cloudtheapp has been founded by experienced professionals who have a proven track record in building successful global software. Three decades of industry experience helped us create the most sophisticated compliance & digital transformation tool to bring solutions that address real challenges for the compliance industry.

Our solutions allow you to reach out to suppliers, auditors, consumers, or any other external party, assign them records, get their feedback, and collaborate without the hassle of separate disintegrated solutions and tedious back and forth emails.

Cloudtheapp is light to operate and administer so that your staff can focus on building your quality products.

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